Associate Pastor Byron Denman

Wednesday, October 12th 2016 our board unanimously approved the hiring of First Lieutenant/ Pastor Byron Denman as an intern/ associate pastor here at Hopewell Church of God. Pastor Byron Denman is a licensed pastor with the Great Lakes Conference of the CGGC. He will be serving Hopewell as Associate Pastor, Youth Leader and beginning our new College Ministries. 

He and his family live in Tiffin, Ohio. He has been married to Christy for 11 years and they have four children: Connor (10), Lia (  Sophie (6), and Finn (4). Before coming to Findlay, Byron and his family served in the active component of the United States Army for 10 years. Now, Byron is in the Reserves Chaplain Candidate Program, continuing to serve the U.S. military while completing the Master of Divinity at Winebrenner. Byron was born into a military family and moved several times before graduating high school in Elgin, OK. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2003 prior to joining the Army. He enlisted as a linguist and met Christy while learning Arabic in Monterey, CA. They have lived in California, Texas, Tennessee, and Germany. They enjoy homeschooling and traveling. 

His wife, Christy is a talented blogger and website designer, and has created a wonderful website with tips on how to live a minimalist and frugal life. 

You can visit her website by going to: http/